You are in safe hands with my 1 to 1 training & professional guidance. Let me show you how to reach your goals


Do you have a friend or 3 with similar goals? Sharing a personal training session can be very motivational and cost effective.


Enjoy my classes with up to 4 people. Fewer people, means more individual guidance from me.


“I cannot recommend this incredible man enough. He listened and tailored things to suit me and my hectic life. Broke everything down into stages and still going now. Thank you so much.” – Stacey

My main focus is getting to know my clients, learning what motivates them and being aware of their limitations.

I believe there is no right or wrong way (within reason) of achieving your goals. The only way to get results is by finding methods and applications that work for you.

To accomplish this I use the following methodical process:

  • 1. Lifestyle and diet analysis

    Start by completing a questionnaire that I’ll analyse and discuss with you on our first meeting.

  • 2. Body composition and fitness assessment

    I will measure your weight, body-fat, muscle-mass, visceral-fat, waist and hip. Sometimes additional measurements are needed depending on the information provided in the questionnaire. You’ll also experience a postural analysis and a fitness assessment which will give you a taste of what a PT session can be like.

  • 3. Goals setting

    The goals setting process started with the questionnaire, but we’ll look at the initial goals again after the assessment and together fine tune them using the SMART principle.

  • 4. Diet guidance

    With the information you’ll provide I will be able to look at your diet and offer various methods and adjustments. I’ll be honest with you, this is the most challenging part for both of us and for this to work I will need 100% of your commitment to this. After all, you can’t out-train your diet.*

  • 5. Twelve week bespoke exercise plan

    At this stage I will design a bespoke program for yourself, considering your goals, exercise preferences and abilities. All my programs are progressive and encourages your body to adapt, which leads to change. You can access your program online and monitor your progress.*

  • 6. End of plan assessment and re-evaluation

    Here, we’ll look at your results and compare them with your goals. This is usually a very motivational moment and it’ll give you a real sense of achievement. I really enjoy this stage of the process, because I get to witness people who start believing that they are capable of achieving things they didn’t think are possible. But, we don’t want to stop there. The next challenge is to maintain the results and to set some new goals.*

My PT Studio


  • Lifestyle & diet analysis
  • Body composition & fitness assessment
  • Goals setting


Personal Training

  • 1 to 1 training
  • Diet guidance
  • 12 week bespoke exercise plan

£30 per session

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1 to 2 – £15

1 to 3 – £10

1 to 4 – £7.50

“From the first time we contacted Stephan he was incredibly professional and friendly, he helped both myself and my partner with our individual needs including dietary advice. He somehow managed to make our training sessions not just productive but fun! It was a great shame that we moved abroad and can no longer enjoy his excellent services. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone considering a personal fitness trainer.” – Richard

Don’t feel like exercising today? Your training partners will convince you otherwise and I’m sure you’ll return the favour some other time. This is just one advantage of sharing a Personal Training session. Have a look at the other benefits:

– Your are not in it alone.

– A little competition will spur you on.

– Have more to talk about

– Reach your goals faster, together.*

My PT Studio

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“Such a nice friendly and approachable guy who’s really hands on and takes the time to listen to what you want to achieve. Always giving you that confidence boost to achieve your goals and strive to complete the task ahead, I would personally recommend to anyone interested in a new personal trainer.” – Dan

Number of Classes: 5

Number of Participants: 4

Duration: 55mins

Cost per person: £7.50


Monday 07.00am, Wednesday 03.30pm

Try intermittent fasting for weight loss and a general healthier lifestyle.

No counting calories, no special meal replacements or supplements just simple fasting strategies.


Wednesday 07.00am, Friday 03.30pm

Squat, lunge and crunch your way to tighter legs,  buttocks and abs.

This class focuses on the  problem areas and includes exercises that will help you reach your goals.


Thursday 07.00am, Tuesday 03.30pm

Punch, slam and kick your way to a fitter self!

This high energy and stress-busting class will leave you sweating and revitalised.


Thursday 07.00am, Thursday 03.30pm

This class is all about resistance training and pumping up every muscle group in your body.

Feel pumped and ready to tackle life!


Friday 07.00am, Monday 03.30pm

A safe, fun and interactive class for anyone who wants to be more active.

It’s suitbale for individuals aged 50 and above. Introducing a long warm up, a long warm down and gentle exercises.

Book your spot in a class today!

Pay now or pay when you turn up. If you can’t make it, please let us know.  No refund is given in the event of a cancellation when booking online. Before you can attend any class you’ll have to complete the online PARQ

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*Results may vary from person to person