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Includes all of the following:

  • 90 day Tailored Online Program
  • 90 day Bespoke Nutrition Guide
  • Professional coaching throughout the course
  • 1 x Consultation including questionnaire and goal setting
  • Before and after photo diary (non-public & privacy settings apply)
  • 4 x Assessments
  • 3 x Creatine
  • 3 x Glutamine
  • 2 x Mass Gain
  • 3x Intra Workout (BCAA)
  • 1 x Shaker Bottle
  • 1 x Sports Bottle
  • 1 x 0.5 Gallon Jug
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Gaining size shouldn’t be too difficult for a mesomorph, unless you have strong secondary ectomorphic attributes.

Luckily, stimulating your mesomorphic side will help you achieve your goal.

The MESO-PLUS plan will just do that.

In addition, after years of research, we have compiled a bundle of supplements and a diet guide most suitable to your body type.

To ensure you’ll succeed with your goals, you’ll have Stephan’s guidance throughout the 90 days.

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Chocolate Peanut Butter (Mass), Blackcurrant & Apple (Intra, Chocolate Peanut Butter (Mass), Tangerine & Lemon (Intra), Chocolate Peanut Butter (Mass), Watermelon (Intra), Creamy Toffee Pudding (Mass), Blackcurrant & Apple (Intra), Creamy Toffee Pudding (Mass), Tangerine & Lemon (Intra), Creamy Toffee Pudding (Mass), Watermelon (Intra), Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream (Mass), Blackcurrant & Apple (Intra), Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream (Mass), Tangerine & Lemon (Intra), Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream (Mass), Watermelon (Intra), Vanilla Coconut Milk (Mass), Blackcurrant & Apple (Intra), Vanilla Coconut Milk (Mass), Tangerine & Lemon (Intra), Vanilla Coconut Milk (Mass), Watermelon (Intra)


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